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Graphtec CSX 550

The fastest scanning speed in its class

Graphtec Corp has improved the total throughput time by combining the fastest feed speed with optimized 64 bit technology.
The scanning accuracy may vary depending on the operating environment and the quality or thickness of the scanned document. The accuracy figures above were measured under the conditions described below.
· Test chart used: Mylar sheet #300, 841 mm x 1,189 mm
· Guaranteed accuracy condition: Temperature 20 +/-3deg.C ; Humidity 60+/-10%R.H.
· Guaranteed scanning accuracy range: Width 800 mm Length 1,000 mm
· Optical resolution: 600dpi High-quality (Gray)
The Graphtec CSX 550-09 can scan documents up to 36' wide, with speeds of up to 4 ips in color and 12 ips in monochrome at 400 dpi. It has an optical resolution of 1200 dpi, ideal for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/ CAD drawings.
The CSX 500-09 series is the newest scanner from Graphtec featuring brand new LuxiosT color reproduction technology. The LuxiosT color engine offers an enhanced sensor which is expanded to 48-bits that can produce scans with greater accuracy and speed. It is also compatible with Adobe RGB mode, allowing for a wider gamut of color reproduction.
Graphtec employs the leading-edge CIS method for optical systems in its scanners. Enabling extremely high-resolution and high-accuracy input with large-format scanners, the CIS (Contact Image Sensor) method is a state-of-the-art scanning technology that uses contact image sensors developed solely by Graphtec.

Key Features

• 36' scan width, 38' max width
• 1200 dpi optical
• Face-up scanning
• USB 2.0, Ethernet
• Stand included
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