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Saga Roll Label Cutter

DragonCut Cutting Software highly recommended for use with the Label Cutter!
Autoweeding feature to remove and rewind continuous weed auotmatically
Contour cutting is performed automatically
Perfect for low-cost, on-demand, short run labels, specialty labels of any shape, and helps reduce inventory.
Max. cutting straight-line speed of 960mm/min
Max. cutting curve-line speed of 600mm/min
Max. media of 16”
Max. cutting width of 12”
Max. cutting length of 6” for one time
Motor power: 25watt
Max. down force: 750g (3g/step)
CPU: 64 BIT dsp 32m Flash
Encoder signal: physical 1016 line/round, logical 4064 line/round
Repeating precision: 0.082mm
Noise: 35 dB OR LESS
Ambient temperature: 5 - 35 degrees
HPGL commands
With feeding system and rewinding system
Servo control system, fast and quiet
Direct USB, easy and reliable
SD card memory: 4G, no need computer to run machine
Packing size of 114x79x69cm
G.W / N.W.: 110/75kgs

Roll core diameter: 8.5cm

Max weight of roll: 7kg

Max diameter of roll of labels: 30cm

Shaft diameter for labels: 28mm
Motor: Servo
Maximum Cutting Width (mm): 330
Maximum Media Width (mm): 420
Max. Label Length (mm): 305
Max. Label Width (mm): 305
Measurements (cm): 114 x 79 x 69
Gross Weight (kg): 110
Net Weight (kg): 75
Feed System: Direct Pull, Take Up Reel
Construction: Aluminum Alloy, ABS End Caps
Maximum Drawing Speed (mm/s): 960
Maximum Cutting Speed (mm/s): 960
Control System: Servo Motor
Power (w): 25
Tracking: 5
Maximum Force (g): 750
Maximum Force Increment (g/step): 3
Mechanical Resolution (mm/pulse): .01254
Connections: RS-232, USB
Power Supply: AC 110V-240V / 50-60HZ 6A
Maximum Noise (dB (A)): 35
Ambient Temperature Range °C: 5 - 35
Command Language: HPGL
Media: Label stock, release liner backed materials
Pen Included: Yes
Included Blades: 30°, 45°, 60°
Packaging: Crate
Computer Connection: True USB, no driver needed, direct connection to USB Printer
Carriage Type: Cutting head with 4 wheels
Contour Cutting: Laser sensor, automatic ARMS
Straight Line Speed (mm/s): 0 - 960
Curve Speed (mm/s): 0 - 600
Motor Speed (RPM): 0 - 3500
0-3000 RPM Time Idle Load (miliseconds): 20
0-3000 RPM Time Working Load (miliseconds): 1200
Encoder Signal Physical (line / round): 1016
Encoder Signal Logical (line / round): 4060
Processor (bits): 64 DSP
Processor Flash (M): 32
Accuracy (±mm): .01
Repeating Precision (mm): .082
Stand Availability: Desktop
Basket Availability: No
Standard Warranty: 3 Year Parts And Labor
Perf Cut Capable: No
CE Certification: Yes
Color: Red
Compatibility PC: XP, Vista, 7-32, 7-64, 8-32, 8-64
Compatibility MAC: Yes
Software - SignCut: PC, Mac
Software - DragonCut: PC, Mac with BootCamp
Software - Flexi: PC
Software - ArtCut: PC
Software - VinylMaster: PC, Mac with BootCamp
Software - WinPC Sign: PC
Software - Onyx: No
Software - Plug In Driver: Direct Plug In Driver, PC only
Software - Stencil Cutting: No
SD Card Memory: 4G
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